Children, Children

Because apparently I'm speaking for Seamus while he convalesces---

Hermione, Ron, just get drunk, have it out, and get it over with. The world will be a far less awkward place for it.

That is all.


"Yes, well, he'll just have to wank more often, won't he? It's good for men, to have to rely on their hand from time to time so they learn to appreciate good sex when they get it. Makes them work harder."

Oy, do women really think that way?
stroking chin in suit, straight on


Oh, come on Seamus, they're not ALL bad. ;)

"Birds are pretty scary, yeah. I mean, for feck's sake. Barely make sense sometimes. I mean --" Here his eyes widened. Pegged was a very unwelcome... Image? Idea? Sea couldn't even tell what was bothering him anymore. "What, so... this Rhys fecker has some sort of magic gay set of peepers? And then came onto you before you even knew you was like him?"


*pokes computer screen* Damn, this has got to be the slowest porn channel ever.


*and yes, I agree*